COVID-19 Update

Governor DeWine has officially closed Ohio school buildings through June 30, 2020. Technically, KidsLink School is a school-affiliate therapy center. This creates some ambiguity as to how our facility would be categorized. We may be more appropriately grouped with the Adult Day Programs. OOD has stated that clear rules for re-opening these programs will be available later this month. We know that our students and their families have many needs unique to them at this time. We are doing everything we can to advocate for a return prior to June 30 but the final decision will be made by the state and the local health department.

We are awaiting guidelines and mandates from the authorities on requirements necessary for us to be able to provide direct service to our students. Please note that while we wait for these rules we are working diligently to secure the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment for our students and staff. We are eager to see everyone again but will be sure to take the appropriate amount of time to put the necessary safety measures in place to ensure a safe and healthy environment for everyone!

We appreciate your patience as we continue to provide service through virtual learning and are so grateful for all you are doing to assist your students with their learning!

Stay safe and healthy!

New App!  

We are excited to make available to KidsLink families, a free mobile app called VX, developed by Cleveland’s own technology company, vitalxchange. VX will connect our family via a mobile app, so that our families can support each other, share experiences, and help each other thrive.

We felt strongly that under the present situation of mandatory social isolation due to COVID, our families will find it very useful to have a community like VX.

You can download the app using the following link: vitalxchange VX mobile app Your referral code is KIDSLINK, which may be needed when you first sign up. The app is free to download.

Here’s a link to a brief explainer video describing the VX app. Feel free to visit vitalxchange’s website to learn more about the Company.

Give it a try and let us know what you think.

The KidsLink Team